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California Legislature Hears Testimony on Role of Ombuds in Sexual Misconduct Matters

Reposted from Tom Kosawkowski’s Ombuds Blog

This week, as part of its on-going effort to respond to allegations of sexual misconduct in the state capital, a joint subcommittee of the California legislature heard about how the Ombuds programs work at the University of California.

Kathleen Salvaty, the UC Systemwide Title IX Coordinator, testified before the Subcommittee on Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response. She said that campus Ombuds offices are an important supplement to the formal resources available to parties involved in Title IX proceedings and distinguished the work from that of confidential advocates for student survivors of assault. Salvaty explained that campus Ombuds are not a “responsible employee” and thus not required to report. Unfortunately, she also said asserted that Ombuds “certainly do not have a legal privilege.” (CalChannel starting at 1:48:33.)


Tom Kosakowski

Tom Kosakowski currently serves as the Associate Director of the Office of Ombuds Services at UCLA and as the Ombudsperson for the Center for Health Sciences.  Tom works with faculty, staff and students from UCLA’s hospitals and clinics, professional schools, laboratories, and related institutes on a wide range of matters… MORE >

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