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Conflict Tipping Podcast 27: Nonviolence and Unarmed Civilian Protection with Dr Louise Ridden

In the latest episode of the Conflict Tipping podcast from, meet Dr Louise Ridden, a specialist in nonviolence and Unarmed Civilian Protection. 

We talk about:

  • What is Unarmed Civilian Protection?  Where is it used?
  • How does UCP ‘happen’ in conflicts?
  • What is the role for mediation and mediators in UCP?
  • False binaries in war and peace
  • The role of peace-keeping and UCP in violent conflicts
  • Spaces, bodies, and time in conflict

About Louise:

Louise Ridden is a postdoctoral research fellow working on the sustainable security practices project , hosted by the Politics Unit in the Department of Management and Business and Tampere Peach Research Institute (TAPRI). She holds a PhD from Aberystwyth University, UK, where she was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. Her thesis ‘Making alternative worlds: Unarmed civilian protection and nonviolent imaginaries of conflict’ studied nonviolence as a way of knowing, doing, and being in armed conflict through the practice of unarmed civilian protection. 

Her current research interests include: principles and practices of unarmed civilian protection, the politics of nonviolence, Feminist IR theory, existentialist theory, knowledge production, and the intersection of nonviolence and political narrations of embodiment, space, and temporality. 

Connect with Louise:

  • Twitter: @louise_ridden
  • Faculty page:

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