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Conflict Tipping Podcast Episode 17: Making Lives More Complex (and Democratic) with Shannon Wheatley Hartman

In this episode, Laura speaks with Dr. Shannon Wheatley Hartman of the Interactivity Foundation.  Listen if you are interested in learning more about:

  • A collaborative approach to academia and the classroom
  • Dealing with group think
  • When NOT to collaborate
  • Embracing cultural humility
  • Community conversations and democracy as an aspirational idea
  • Avoiding both-sides-ism
  • Bringing together communities and building inclusive events

About Shannon:

Shannon is vice president of the Interactivity Foundation in the US, an organisation that engages citizens in the exploration and development of possibilities for public policy. Prior to working at IF, she was full-time lecturer of international relations at Arizona State University, and her academic interests include nonviolent resistance, postcolonialism, participatory action research, and deliberative democracy. 



Laura May, PhD

Laura is a freelancer, former Executive Director of the International Mediation Institute and a negotiation and mediation lecturer.  Her doctoral research asked “in what ways does blame make villains in politics” and covered the gamut from literature studies and linguistics to psychology and neuroscience, victimology to political science.  Her expertise includes emotions,… MORE

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