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Conflict Tipping Podcast Episode 18: Cancer, conflict, and digital technologies in peace mediation with Dr. Miguel Varela Rodriguez

In this episode, Laura speaks with Dr. Miguel Varela Rodriguez, an academic at the University of Valladolid in Spain, and peace mediation expert.

Listen if you’re interested in:

  • How cancer and conflict are portrayed on social media
  • Use of images in peace mediation
  • The role of technology and AI in peace mediation

About Miguel:

Miguel is a PhD sociologist and photographer. His work looks at social conflict, public health and collective photographic practices, focusing on social media. He teaches negotiation and mediation at the University of Valladolid in Spain, has a long history of peace work with organisations such as MediatEUr and Conciliation Resources, and consults for NGOs and development agencies.



Laura May

Laura is a freelancer, former Executive Director of the International Mediation Institute and a negotiation and mediation lecturer.  Her doctoral research asked “in what ways does blame make villains in politics” and covered the gamut from literature studies and linguistics to psychology and neuroscience, victimology to political science.  Her expertise includes emotions,… MORE >

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