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Crash Course in Remote Management – Video

This is a video designed to help managers resolve conflicts and support employees while working remotely.

Automattic’s Cate Huston and Nicole Sanchez, the founder of Vaya Consulting and an expert on workplace culture, co-present a Crash Course in Remote Management, a free one-hour webinar hosted on Zoom.



Cate Huston

Cate Huston has spent her career working on mobile and documenting everything she learns using WordPress. Now she combines the two as Automattic's mobile lead. You can find her on Twitter at @catehstn and at MORE >


Nicole Sanchez

For more than 20 years, Nicole Sanchez has served as a leading expert on workplace culture with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Nicole has transformed workplace culture for Fortune 500 corporations, tech startups, and mission-driven organizations. She consults globally, advising tech executives on best practices in diversity and inclusion.… MORE >

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