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Dayton Mediation Center Celebrates 25 Years (Video)

The Dayton Mediation Center recently celebrated 25 years of service and summarizes the many benefits that have been brought to the Dayton community in this excellent 10 minute video.

The Dayton Mediation Center began in 1987 as a city service designed to help manage conflicts between citizens, with the primary intention of preventing neighborhood conflicts from escalating and consuming other city resources. In 1989, the center’s services were extended by instituting Small Claims Court mediation services. The Juvenile Mediation Program was added in 1990, offering Diversion mediation services. In 1997, the Dayton Police Department began a contract with the Dayton Mediation Center to provide mediation to citizens referred by Police Officers. In 1999, the Mediation Center added two new programs: Victim/Offender mediation services and Truancy Mediation. Also in 1999, the Center began the Adult Victim/Offender mediation program with the City of Dayton’s Prosecutor Office and the Dayton Municipal Court Criminal Division.


Dayton Mediation Center

Dayton Mediation Center Our Vision: Providing a peaceful process for responding to conflicts. The Dayton Mediation Center is a supportive place where people that are having problems, conflicts, or disagreements can come to talk. A mediator will help people talk and listen to one another, even though it may be… MORE >

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