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Demystifying Distress

Set Effective Boundaries for Challenging Behavior Without Writing Anyone Off (And Practice Self-Care)

Listen to this fantastic recording, with hundreds of participants from around the globe and speakers that are communication experts.

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We all experience emotional distress sometimes, especially during conflicts.  And when people experience emotional distress, everything can spin out of control.  Even the most seasoned dispute resolution professionals may find themselves overwhelmed while trying to balance the clashes that occur when some distressed parties start shutting down and others begin blowing up.  The professionals, themselves, may have their own distress – maybe the conflict reminds them of something in their own lives or perhaps they feel personally attacked or nervous that things are escalating beyond what they can handle.  

Amidst these traumatic breakdowns, many practitioners and clients are tempted to disengage, give up, and write some people off as impossible to have a “normal” connection with.  This Demystifying Distress program is all about shifting our normal so we can [1] understand ways distress manifests differently for different people, and [2] take a trauma-informed approach to working with those differences – all while setting appropriate, transparent boundaries for challenging behaviors (ones that are equitable to ensure people aren’t treated differently due to unconscious or systemic biases).  

Come listen as we demystify distress.  This recording includes access to tools that will help you be trauma-informed, accessible, equitable, and inclusive to all.  Most importantly, these are tools that can help you move through distress in a trauma-informed way instead of having it derail the conflict resolution process (and ruin your day)

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