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How to Prepare for Mediation with a Narcissist

Mediations can be challenging, but mediating with a narcissist? Mediation with a narcissist is not a walk in the park, but it’s not impossible. Being prepared will make the negotiation with a narcissist a lot better. Watch this video to learn how to prepare for meeting with a narcissist, and how to get through it with your dignity intact.

Topics covered:

  • 00:00 How to prepare for mediation with a narcissist
  • 00:51 In preparation, frame all ideas according to their interest
  • 02:18 In the mediation, do what you can to make all ideas seem like theirs
  • 04:33 Listen actively acknowledging their emotions
  • 04:57 Focus on your core goals
  • 05:47 Have strategies to handle your own emotional refractory period


Bob Bordone

Bob Bordone, a Senior Fellow at Harvard Law School and the Founder and former Director of Harvard Law Schools Negotiation Mediation Clinical Program. I'm also the Founder and Principal of the Cambridge Negotiation Institute and have written and taught on negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution for more than 20 years. MORE

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