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ICAR and Mediation Field Mourn the Loss of Wallace Warfield

Dear Friends,

I want to share with all of you that our respected colleague and friend Wallace Warfield passed away August 21, 2010.

As many of you know, Wallace was a special man and our community will deeply miss him in many ways. Wallace has been our close colleague for years, and all of us loved him dearly. He has such a place in so many hearts, and has mentored so many of us over the years, that it has been hard to convey how sad this makes us. Wallace is an inspiration and a pillar of the experience of many of us at ICAR. Many did not realize the extent to which Wallace was ill and found that what strength and hope we could offer could only come from afar.

The family has asked to have a memorial service with the ICAR Community at Point of View. We will follow up with details about the service as well as the creation of memorial funds. This occasion will provide all of us and the many friends around Wallace an opportunity to come together once more with him and his legacy. I am sure that the whole community will join me in supporting his family, especially his daughter Anjua, his partner Alicia, and niece Laila.

Wallace reminds us that there are many forms of greatness; his form has always involved paying total attention to other people, transcending all limited identities, laughing at life’s nasty jokes, and acting like that rarest of creatures, a grown-up. It’s hard to think about starting a new term without him and yet we need to begin. Today is orientation, the start of a new semester, and we will carry on with Wallace in our hearts.

In friendship,

Andrea Bartoli, ICAR Director

Also see Washington Post obit.


Andrea Bartoli, ICAR Director

Andrea Bartoli is ICAR’s Director and Drucie French Cumbie Chair. He has been at the Institute of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University since 2007. He works primarily on Peacemaking and Genocide Prevention. The Founding Director of Columbia University’s Center for International Conflict Resolution (CICR), a Senior Research… MORE >

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