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ICODR Podcast Episode 16: Guest is Dr. Tsisana Shamlikashvili, Moscow Based International ADR Expert

In this episode of the ICODR podcast, Ian interviews Dr. Tsisana Shamlikashvili, an international expert in ADR, international mediator, lawyer, neurologist and psychologist (with both medical and law degrees). She has been Professor of the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, holder of the chair in “Mediation in social practices”; academic and scientific supervisor of the Center for Mediation and ADR in legal practice of the Moscow State Academy of Law. However, since the commencement of the war on Ukraine, Tsisana has suspended all of her activities in Russia.

Since 2004 Tsisana studied mediation in the United States, Germany, Austria and Great Britain. She is a graduate of several Harvard Negotiation Program courses (including Frank Sanders’ Mediation Course), certified mediator in Water Diplomacy matters (joint program of MIT and Tufts University).

Tsisana is a CEDR accredited mediator, mediator of JAMS International (USA-UK), Member of Association for Integrated Mediation, Member of European Advisory Board of CPR, Council Member of Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University (USA), Associate Board Member of GEMME (European Judges’ Group for Mediation), Board Member of AAPMAD (Association of Academics for the Promotion of Mediation as Academic Discipline), Distinguished Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators, Corporate member and expert for Dispute Board Federation (DBF).

Tsisana has been a pioneer in ADR and specially mediation in Russia and in former Soviet Union, directing her efforts and sometimes achievements on this very complicated path to implement mediation (and more importantly), mediative attitude (meaning shift of mentality) in that part of the world. Currently she acts as international expert, consultant in ADR, and International mediator.


Ian MacDuff

Ian is Teaching Fellow, Centre for ICT Law at Auckland Law School. He was, until June 2016, Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Dispute Resolution Initiative at Singapore Management University. He previously taught at Victoria University of Wellington for a number of years. He has been a practising… MORE >

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