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In Memoriam – Paula J. Trout – 1952-2023

With profound sorrow, we announce the passing of Paula J. Trout, a distinguished professional in the fields of law, mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution processes, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Born on November 7, 1952, in Seoul, Korea, Paula, departed this life on Tuesday, December 19, 2023. Her colleagues knew her to be creative and joyous, always uplifting us personally and professionally. Her legacy of compassion, expertise, and dedication to justice will continue to inspire future generations.

Paula’s journey was marked by a relentless commitment to excellence and a passion for resolving complex issues. She earned a Juris Doctor from Capital University School of Law in 1986, along with a Master’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Public Administration from Central Michigan University in 1980 and 1978, respectively. Paula’s academic achievements laid the foundation for her multifaceted career, which spanned various domains.

Paula held many credentials and licenses. Her commitment to ongoing professional development and lifelong learning was evident through her participation in many advanced ADR training programs including the Harvard Program on Negotiation Paula’s expertise extended to employment disputes, workplace conflicts, and investigations, where she demonstrated a deep understanding of EEOC issues and the intricacies of collective bargaining agreements, worker’s compensation and family mediation. Paula was also an instructor at several colleges and universities and trainer and frequent conference presenter on a variety of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution opics for many organizations.

Paula J. Trout’s remarkable contributions, both professionally and personally, will be remembered by those who had the privilege of crossing paths with her. Her legacy of compassion, expertise, and dedication to justice will continue to inspire future generations.


Paula Trout, JD, MBA, MPA

Paula J. Trout is President and CEO of Alternative Dispute Resolution Forums. She provides alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services in mediation, negotiation, facilitation, conciliation, settlement conferences, fact finding, early neutral evaluation, investigation and arbitration services - primarily in the areas of Workplace/EEO & ADA, Workers' Compensation, Civil, Securities, Commercial, Construction,… MORE >

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