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Introducing the New!

Greetings, community!

I’m Colin, the CEO of, and I’m very pleased today to announce the launch of the new version of

When you logged in today, you may have noticed some big changes to the site — as I record this we just flipped the switch today, Sunday, May 29th, which brought our new Mediate site live. It may seem to you like this happened suddenly, but the truth is the changes we brought live have been almost two years in the making.  Our original website (which is still live at has served the mediation field reliably for more than 26 years, but we decided back in 2020 that the time was right for an upgrade.  So we rebuilt the entire system from the ground up, leveraging all the latest technologies and a brand-spanking new design that, I hope you’ll agree, really represents the mediation field in a modern, professional way.

At we remain laser focused on helping mediators and mediation expand around the world, especially with the rise of online mediation in the wake of the pandemic, and this new platform is a huge step into that future.  There are some changes — for instance, our famous find a mediator database and state banner ads now work by GPS instead of phone area codes (largely because phone area codes no longer reliably indicate where a visitor is located) — but no one loses any functionality or reach with our new system, and actually we’ve added in a bunch of new features that will make membership even more valuable moving forward, like a dynamic event calendar, job listings, and more video and podcast content. If you log into your account right now, you’ll see our new member dashboard, which I totally love — stay tuned for some exciting new functionality and applications that we plan to integrate there for all members.

I know it’s always a little unsettling when a website you’ve known and loved for decades makes big changes like this, but, rest assured, all your historic articles, videos, and pages are still there. Trust me, it was an enormous task to migrate over thousands of articles and tens of thousands of users — it feels like we were holding the living history of the mediation field in our hands while we were doing it — but we pulled it off.  I’m sure we’ll be finding some small bugs we have to squash over the next few days and weeks, so we appreciate your patience — but I am certain this was the right move, and that this new platform will offer our field a rock solid foundation we can all build on as we enter’s third decade.

I could not be prouder of the work the team has done over the past two years to make this happen. Josh, Angie, Carol, Byron, Jim, and Clare — they really deserve enormous credit for taking this challenge on and getting it over the finish line. There were a lot of sleepless nights, and bumps in the road, but they did it. Every website is a work in progress, but this was a massive undertaking and they did an amazing job.

So, check out the new site and let us know your thoughts. Please be patient if you encounter any hiccups — one or two of those are probably inevitable in a giant project like this — but we’ll work them all out soon enough. We hope eventually you’ll love the new platform as much as we do, and we look forward to using it alongside all of you to expand the reach of mediation, develop mediation practice, and welcome new practitioners to the field. As always, thank you for your continuing support, and I’ll see you online!


Colin Rule

Colin Rule is CEO of Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc. ("RIS"), home of,,, and a number of additional leading online dispute resolution initiatives.  From 2017 to 2020, Colin was Vice President for Online Dispute Resolution at Tyler Technologies. Tyler acquired, an ODR provider that Colin co-founded,… MORE >

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