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Johan Galtung’s Keynote Address

From Dr. John Windmueller’s blog.

Johan Galtung was the keynote speaker of a recent one-day conference on conflict resolution and international development here in Washington, DC. I would have enjoyed hearing the speech, but I had to pass on the conference because, as irony would have it, I was tied up in meetings about international development-related conflict resolution work.

Fortunately, the organizers did a wonderful job of reporting out on the conference online. You can find a summary of the conference here and listen to Galtung’s keynote address here.


John Windmueller

Dr. John Windmueller I’m an Assistant Professor at the University of Baltimore’s Center for Negotiations and Conflict Management. My Ph.D. is in Conflict Analysis & Resolution (George Mason University’s Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution) and my MA and BA degrees are in International Affairs (Florida State University). Prior to… MORE >

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