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Seeing is believing. In this case, seeing is learning.

Year of the Blog

This is THE year of the blogger for mediators as I proclaimed in an earlier post. And, it’s time to get started. I’m planning a blogtasitc event for April that will bring a variety of blogging professionals directly into your home. (if mediators won’t come to blogging, I’ll bring blogging to you!) It’ll be a free virtual conference ….more on that as the planning progresses.


But if you’re as excited as I am about having your message and expertise help thousands of people you probably don’t want to wait. Good for you. Start now.

Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs-Journey.com has created what looks like a stellar series on becoming a blogger. You can see ( and learn)more at his new site,becomeablogger.com

In ten videos, Yaro covers all the basics of blogging:

    1. 1. Why You Should Use WordPress
    1. 2. How To Get Your Own Domain Name
    1. 3. How To Get A Web Host
    1. 4. How To Install WordPress With One Click
    1. 5. How To Upload Files To Your Webhost Using FTP
    1. 6. Choosing A WordPress Theme For Your New Blog
    1. 7. How To Install And Use WordPress Plugins
    1. 8. How To Create Your First Blog Post And Blog Page
    1. 9. What RSS Is And Why You Need

Known for his blogging expertise and having one of the most popular systems, Blog Mastermind, Yaro is definitely a guy to watch. In fact, I’ll be spending my evenings viewing the videos on wordpress and RSS. My new blog, ThisMarriageThing.com will launch at the end of the month and this will help alot!

I don’t have any connection to Yaro, nor am I his affiliate. I’m simply overjoyed to find a product that I can recommend to you. Hey, maybe I can get Yaro to headline the Mediation Blog Summit in April….keep your fingers crossed.

Try. Fail. Learn. Grow!



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