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Making Mediation Work in Your Favor – How to Approach Mediation in High Stakes Litigation

By Jonathan Pollard

Florida litigation attorney Jonathan Pollard discusses mediation strategy. Mediation is now an unavoidable and often mandatory part of the litigation process. Mediation is frequently unsuccessful and a waste of time. Even worse, a bad mediation actually can do significant damage to your case.

Pollard looks at mediation through the lens of a litigator who generally mistrusts the “make a deal at any cost” paradigm. In many cases, mediation is your only opportunity to speak directly to the decision maker(s) on the other side. That means you can present your case to them, without their lawyer serving as a translator or buffer. This is how you transform mediation from a waste of time (or worse) into a possible home run.


Jonathan Pollard

Jonathan Pollard is a high stakes competition lawyer based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Pollard has litigated more than 150 non-compete and trade secret cases. He has resolved more than 500 such cases outside of litigation. And he has advised more than 1,000 individual and corporate clients on related issues. Pollard… MORE

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