Podcast Episode 31:  Online Conciliation in Colombia with Nicolás Lozada

Did you know that when given the option between in-person conciliation and online conciliation, most people in Colombia now prefer to use online conciliation? In this episode, Veronica talks with Nicolás Lozada, CEO of Redek–the first Colombian Digital Justice and Online Dispute Resolution startup–about online conciliation in Colombia.  Episode highlights include a discussion of the following:

  • mediation versus conciliation in Colombia
  • the “conciliation culture” in Colombia
  • the recent Colombian law which adopted online procedures
  • what online conciliation currently looks like in Colombia

About Nicolás:

Nicolás Lozada is CEO of Redek (the first Colombian Digital Justice and Online Dispute Resolution startup). He has also led multidisciplinary teams since 2013 and has dedicated much of his career to promoting his passion for digital and algorithmic justice. On these topics, he has written several academic articles and given numerous lectures in four continents, including a Ted Talk.

Nicolás is Partner at the law firm of RINCON-CUELLAR & ASOCIADOS with presence in Colombia, El Salvador and Switzerland, heading its international trade practice. He is an advisor on corporate issues for several Colombian and foreign companies, and currently involved in domestic and international arbitration proceedings, as a counsellor, arbitrator and secretary.

Nicolás is also an Associate Professor at Universidad Externado de Colombia where he performed extensive legal research and lectured as a faculty member of one of Latin America’s leading law schools. Courses taught and fields of research include International Commercial Law, International Investment and Private Law.

Connect with Nicolás Lozada:


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