Find Mediators Near You: Podcast: Learning About NAFCM’s School Board Community Toolkit with D.G. Mawn

Part of community mediation is…we don’t want people co-existing, we want people co-creating.” In this episode, Veronica speaks with D.G. Mawn, President of the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM). 

Listen to this episode to learn more about the following:

  • About NAFCM;
  • NAFCM’s partnership with Living Room Conversations;
  • Testing the School Board Community Toolkit;
  • About the Toolkit; and
  • How mediators can support the program.

For more information, visit NAFCM’s website at Contact D.G. Mawn via email at [email protected]



NAFCM supports peacemakers by being the hub for advancing the work of community mediation, aggregating the wisdom of community mediation and amplifying the voice of community mediators. NAFCM's purpose, as a membership association of peacemakers who employ the practices and values of community mediation, is to help these peacemakers to create safe… MORE >


Veronica Cravener

Veronica Cravener is a mediator and trainer for Mediate to Achieve, LLC, based in Columbus, Ohio, USA.  She has mediated more than 500 disputes across areas such as landlord-tenant, contracts, consumer-business, personal injury, neighbors, individual disputes over money, and post-employment disputes.  She is experienced at mediating by text message in… MORE >

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