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Mediating Disputes as a Reliable and Protective Life Hack

How many of us truly understand how effective, pain relieving and cost-effective mediating our business, workplace and personal problems can be?

We know we need to visit the mechanic for our vehicles, the doctor for our bodies and do repairs and improvements on our homes, and seek out attorneys when we feel overwhelmed, defensive or exploited legally.

Yet what are we overlooking?

As human beings interacting with other human beings, problems are constant. Differing needs and expectations, different viewpoints and personalities, sub-optimal communication and lacking-orineffective cooperation. It causes distress and can lead to anger, depression, aggression or passive aggressiveness.

We either wander into conflict or work our way into it. We create disputes, others do the same for us and we have different goals, impressions, are prone to misconceptions, negative emotions and resistance.

It’s how effectively we work our way out of these challenging situations that determines our success, quality of life and peace.

How aware of mediating these problems are we? Do we realize the remedy, the prescription, the “fix”, the answer it can be for many of the issues that cause us pain or will cause us hurt emotionally, financially, physically or business, career or relationship-wise?

Mediating conflict is evolved thinking and a problem-solving app we all should “download” into our lives.

  • It makes us think more clearly about why our needs are important. It makes us think about how to get our needs met by helping the other person or company get their needs met or not get hurt or inspire them to help us
  • It engages us more intelligently in forward thinking and finding answers and moves us away from negative emotions and blaming, which creates impasse
  • It allows for more creative, higher-value proposals and either conflict management or resolution It helps us maturely manage our emotions and be less reactive and make poor decisions and choices

We best manage, protect or heal relationships if those things matter to us. We usually increase the likelihood of more satisfying outcomes


Michael Toebe

Michael is a conflict management specialist, serving businesses and individuals in strategically, effectively gaining deeper understanding of conflicts and disputes and working through them more protectively and wisely. MORE >

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