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Mediation Anthem to Ring in the New Year

Transposed in the present day
We multiply social patterns
Again and again every single day
We overlook valuable things.
We look for us through other people
And we do not find ourselves at all
We behave as laypeople
Guided by yet another paragon.

In a world without concessions
Ruled by warfare
Dotted with impressions
About it and about our welfare.
We are simple SPECTATORS
Waiting for spectacular moments
And we tolerate ourselves
Beyond our life.

In a sea of disputes
We navigate without a compass
Between rules and decisions
We pretend to be us.
The quintessence of our live
Deeply submerged in reveries
 Let others decide the WAY
We do not make compromises!

(Refrain, 3 times)
Social inertia
With its related dyscrasia
               Puts a distance between us
               We see each other only in court and thus.
A change is needed
A new approach is demanded
We must trust historical documents
                        Mediation stops conflicts!


Zeno Daniel Sustac

Zeno Daniel Sustac, PhD (born March 05, 1976)  is an arbitrator, attorney, insolvency  practitioner and mediator, Vice President of the Romanian Mediation Council, Co-President of the National Union of Mediators from Romania and Co-President of the National Union of Negotiators from Romania. He is an european expert in the field of cross-border mediation,… MORE >

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