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Mediation in light of the New Technologies. A multi-geographic journey through the origins and present of conflict resolution and technological impact — Book Review

This work, masterfully directed by Dr. Alberto Elisavetsky, has managed to bring together, in an agile, entertaining and coordinated way, referents of the ODR theme around the world. This allows the reader to enter the field of electronic conflict resolution, knowing its history and development, and placing it at the present time in the face of technological possibilities, and its impact on our society.                           

Specifically, mediation is analyzed through the use of electronic tools and their implementation according to the gaze and analysis of academics from different countries, which allows us to have an enriching panorama of comparative law.

Access to justice must always be protected and guaranteed, and, through ODR methods, a certain and wide path has been opened that will allow even more opportunities than we have today, as we face disruptive technologies.

The tireless and dedicated task of Alberto Elisavetsky, in ODR methods, both in its theoretical and practical version, embodied in this book, is invaluable for those who wish to devote themselves to the wonderful task of helping to solve conflicts both in the electronic field as in person The sharpness and vision of his thinking has allowed him to move forward in this task in Latin America, simplifying the procedures according to the needs and demands of the 21st century, through the use of technology and effective communication processes, in line with the profound changes of our society.

This work is essential for every mediator to read, as it will add light on their knowledge, adding to the permanent transformation of the systems, through lessons of daily application.

Regulatory frameworks and training possibilities are also analyzed based on the diagramming of approved programs, dictated through an interactive platform, which facilitates the permanent update, an unavoidable requirement for the proper exercise of the profession.

I appreciate the honor of calling me to make this comment for the presentation of the work in English, of this precious knowledge to share the world, especially in those aspects that are of utmost importance to achieve harmony and culture of peace, and that respond to the United  Nations Sustainable Development Goals for the 2030 Agenda.


Luz Bibiana Clara

Mg. Bibiana B. Luz Clara es Vicepresidente de Investigación e Innovación. FIADI Federación Iberoamericana de Asociaciones de Derecho e Informática. MORE >

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