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Mediation Marketing Through Trade Associations

If you’ve narrowed your target market effectively, then you’ve chosen a market you can actually find, either online or in person.

And if you’ve chosen a target market based on a profession (for instance, the supply chain industry or realtors), then writing articles for trade publications and speaking for trade associations are excellent and natural mediation marketing strategies.

But does the profession you’re targeting have a trade association or publication? Here are some resources to help you find out:

National Trade and Professional Associations of the United States 2007: Buy it through Amazon (the pricey choice, but worth the investment if this is a major thrust of your marketing), buy last year’s edition for quite a bit less, or check your local library’s reference section.

Global Directory of Meetings Industry Websites: An online listing.

Encyclopedia of Associations: Sold only to libraries, so check your local branch or use your LexisNexis account.

Consumer Action Handbook: Published in the U.S. at the Federal Citizen Action website.


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