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What to charge as a mediator has always been a dicey topic. Just like in mediation itself, the number means so much more than the actual number. What we ask for says quite a bit about who we are as practitioners- new or established, confident or cautious- and how we value our life’s work. I could talk about pricing for hours, and I did at two recent talks at Harvard. Understanding pricing psychology and strategy will be among the very first podcasts on the Mensch. We need to learn to make money mediating, folks.

Foggy London

It’s a comfort to know that American mediators aren’t the only ones struggling with fees. I recently discovered a new publication, The Mediator Magazine , (thanks to Geoff Sharp) out of the UK. Turns out their mediation market is also ‘oversupplied’, which makes pricing very critical. Check out their article and subscribe while you’re there. It can’t hurt to get a global perspective, can it?


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