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Our series, My Favorite Resource, features interviews with our ADR friends across the country to learn about their favorite ADR resource. This month, Resource Center Director Nicole Wilmet spoke with Robyn Weinstein, ADR Administrator at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, to learn about her favorite resource.

NW: What is your favorite ADR resource?

RW:  One of my favorite ADR resources is the New York City Dispute Resolution Listserv (“NYC DR Listserv”). The NYC DR Listserv was created by Professor Maria Volpe, director of the CUNY Dispute Resolution Center at John Jay College. The NYC DR Listserv is an unmoderated listserv that was developed shortly after 9/11 as a way to connect the dispute resolution community. It has since grown into an information hub (in New York and beyond) for those interested in events, issues and concerns of interest to dispute resolvers. The NYC DR Listserv has several thousand active subscribers and those interested in subscribing can do so by clicking here.

NW: Why do you value this particular resource?

RW: The NYC DR Listserv is a powerful way for individuals and organizations to disseminate information about conflict resolution conferences, events, programs, awards, ADR competitions, new initiatives, and various issues that arise in the dispute resolution community. The NYC DR Listserv is an effective resource for those looking for information about trainings, symposia, networking events, and job opportunities. (The job I have currently was posted on this listserv.)  Some of the job opportunities are in New York City, but many of the opportunities are located around the world. I also value this resource because many of the members of the listserv are active and passionate about the field.

NW: How did you first learn about this resource?

RW: I first learned about this Listserv while I was a student at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. At the time, I was a participant in the law school’s mediation clinic and was interested in learning about opportunities in dispute resolution.

NW: For those unfamiliar with this resource, what is the best way to use it?

RW: I would recommend signing up for the digest version of the Listserv, as there are several posts daily. Also, as is the case with many listservs, conversation threads can “heat up” resulting in lengthy back and forth discussions. The digest culls together all of the subject lines of each e-mail and makes it easier to skim through the listserv activity and choose the topics that are most relevant to you. Periodically, Professor Volpe sends out annual list of trainings and events, which gives a great overview of the breadth of conflict resolution activity in New York and beyond.

NW: Are there any other resources you enjoy that you would also like to mention?

RW: A burgeoning resource that I also wanted to share is the ADR Inclusion Network. The ADR Inclusion Network is a group of individuals dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the field of ADR. The network members meet regularly and have begun to compile listings of events, articles and research relating to diversity in dispute resolution. The network also maintains a listserv where members of the network can post events, speaking opportunities, and share information and updates regarding their respective diversity and inclusion initiatives and efforts. Those interested in joining the network may do so here.


Nicole Wilmet

Nicole Wilmet is the RSI Resource Center Director. She joined the RSI staff March 2017 as Resource Center Director. In this role, she is the court ADR information guru. As the Resource Center Director, she responds to court ADR inquires and also researches, writes and publishes information on RSI’s online… MORE >

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