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National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM) Endorses Caseload Manager

Caseload Manager is an easy way to manage all of your program’s cases, contacts, and calendar items.

NAFCM Endorses Caseload Manager

Over the past twenty years, NAFCM has analyzed what community mediation centers can do to strengthen their infrastructure and grow. That is why we now strongly encourage community mediation centers to adopt Caseload Manager for “cloud-based” secure program and case management. Caseload Manager at is easy to transition to and will have your center operating more easily and more efficiently. Training and ongoing support are included in the affordable package. NAFCM is pleased to offer our heart-felt endorsement of Caseload Manager and to also having negotiated a special discount NAFCM price if you act by the end of 2014. Imagine your valuable data collection and reporting possibilities, as well as the time and money saved by all of your staff, panelists and volunteers. Caseload Manager offers top flight program and case management in a safe, accessible and intuitive program.

by NAFCM Executive Director Matthew Phillips

Pricing is based on the number of cases that your program handles per year. Get more information.

Why NAFCM Has Endorsed Caseload Manager

Making a shift to a new case management system is a substantial decision for any community mediation center. Being confident you’re upgrading to the best system is key for every center executive. In that vein, you’ve asked some very important, methodical questions. Thank you for asking them and for providing another opportunity for NAFCM to detail its rationale.

Over the past fifteen years, NAFCM has developed a history of tracking, reviewing, and, in one prior instance, even promoting case management systems. We do this because it is important to learn which resources best enhance community mediation programs’ ability to serve their communities. When we identify standout resources, especially those capable of wide scale adoption, we do our best to raise awareness and encourage an informed integration of such resources. In this instance,’s ADR Case Manager is a standout resource for community mediation centers.

How did NAFCM arrive at this decision? Thoughtfully.

Read the full article here.

by Former NAFCM Executive Director, Justin Corbett

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