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New Interview with Douglas Yarn: The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society

Douglas Yarn is a professor of law and has taught since 1994 at the Georgia State College of Law. He serves as the Executive Director of the Consortium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, a leading inter-university, multi-disciplinary theory building center. He had previously practiced law but began shifting his focus to ADR in 1984 and subsequently went in-house with the AAA. He has mediated, trained, and consulted nationally and internationally for both public and private entities, in civil and commercial matters, public policy disputes and environmental issues, among others.

It is worthy of note that Doug’s personal and family life reaches far back into Southern history and culture and consciously or otherwise appears to play a part in his disposition toward conflict management work. The arc of his life and career have mostly occurred within the geographic region, if not the epicenter, of the Civil War of almost two centuries ago, the legacy of which still radiates stresses that remain palpable in American politics and culture to the present day, not to mention gave rise to the turbulence of the Civil Rights Movement which erupted a century later in the 1950’s and 60’s. Racial injustice remains a disabling issue that still has not been adequately reconciled to the present day and deeply affects our society.


Doug Yarn

Doug Yarn teaches in the areas of conflict resolution and professional responsibility and serves as Executive Director of the Consortium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, a leading inter-university, multi-disciplinary theory-building center. He has taught at the law schools of Emory University and University of Georgia and in the civil engineering… MORE >

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