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Crowds on Demand Launches Protest Mediator Program to Assist with University Negotiations Around Campus Demonstrations

Crowds on Demand Launches Protest Mediator Program to Assist with University Negotiations Around Campus Demonstrations

LOS ANGELESMay 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Crowds on Demand, a leading incentivized activism firm that helps organizations advocate and amplify causes, today announces the launch of its Protest Mediator program. The latest offering sends specialized experts to mediate negotiations between campus protesters and university administrations, creating a solution that reopens campuses, ensures student safety and protects First Amendment freedoms.

Amid the rivaling campus protests that continue to expand across the country, Crowds on Demand’s newest mediation capability provides schools with the resources they need to reach agreements between protestors and administrators all while ensuring their rights to freedom of speech. Led by Adam Swart, the Protestor Mediator program is comprised of Crowds on Demand’s advocacy veterans, with backgrounds leading various political campaigns, protest movements and corporate disputes. The program is currently available to protesting organizations along with school administrators at University of California – Los Angeles and Columbia University, with a larger expansion to additional universities in the year ahead.

“Nationwide, students are organizing, and, in response, many universities are cracking down. While each university’s administrative action is typically to ensure campus safety, it also can have a detrimental impact on freedom of speech,” said Adam Swart, CEO and Founder of Crowds on Demand. “It’s our mission to create a solution that allows students ” regardless of their views ” to make their voices heard loud and clear while ensuring that other campus operations, like classes and graduations, continue to run as scheduled. We look forward to working in collaboration with student advocacy leaders and university stakeholders to ensure clear lines of communication between these groups.”

Crowds on Demand specializes in organizing and staffing events, protests, and rallies through incentivized activism. Founded in 2012, the company works with corporate teams and advocacy groups to get in front of their target audience by creating mission-driven, turnkey events and campaigns.

For more information on the Protest Mediator program and Crowds on Demand’s offerings, please visit:

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