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HEVRA launches customer mediation service for members

HEVRA launches customer mediation service for members

HEVRA, a leading provider of vehicle repair and maintenance information for electric and hybrid vehicles, has launched a customer mediation service as part of its offering to members.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Service is offered to HEVRA garage members through a partnership with the National Conciliation Service (NCS).

ADR is a means of settling disputes without resorting to the courts. Settlement of disputes is typically faster and cheaper for both the consumer and trader when using ADR.

HEVRA has a database that now encompasses a range of over 361 models, ensuring that technicians have access to the latest repair and maintenance information for plug-in vehicles.

The organisation expanded its coverage of automotive brands to 40 earlier this year, adding Dacia to its roster, which will be particularly important due to the launch of the new all-electric Spring.

Member garages have been checked for the right qualifications, tools and equipment to service and repair electric and hybrid vehicles.

HEVRA said the new collaboration marks a ‘significant milestone’ in the organisation’s commitment to providing ‘comprehensive and efficient legal solutions’.

In a statement, HEVRA said: “NCS is a trusted provider of mediation and arbitration services, known for its impartiality, expertise, and commitment to facilitating fair and equitable resolutions.

“By joining forces with NCS, HEVRA strengthens its ability to offer high-quality ADR services across a wide range of practice areas.”

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