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Mediation scheduled in case of BG man accused in murder-for-hire plot

Mediation scheduled in case of BG man accused in murder-for-hire plot

A Bowling Green man who is alleged to have engaged someone in a plot to murder his wife will enter mediation in his criminal case.

Jeffrey Young, 53, who is charged with solicitation of murder and first-degree fleeing or evading police, appeared Monday afternoon in Warren Circuit Court for a pretrial conference.

Court records indicate Warren Circuit Judge J.B. Hines scheduled a mediation involving Young, his attorney, Alan Simpson, and the Warren County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office to take place June 28.

A felony criminal mediation is an out-of-court procedure in which the prosecution and the defense meet to discuss their differences in an ongoing case in an effort to reach a settlement, with a retired judge facilitating the meeting.

Young has been under indictment since 2022, following an investigation by the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, which arrested him on Sept. 13, 2022.

According to court records, an informant provided the sheriff’s office with two recordings that purport to have Young discussing a murder-for-hire plot with the informant, with Young’s wife as the target.

A recording from Sept. 6, 2022, purports to depict Young suggesting possible scenarios for staging the homicide, and that Young needed time to make it appear that he and his wife were happy together, in order to divert suspicion from him, an arrest citation said.

Young allegedly tells the informant in the recording that he wants the death to look accidental.

A second recording from Sept. 12, 2022, allegedly features Young telling the informant he went to his wife’s workplace over the weekend while she was gone to make sure that no cameras were there, mentioning to the informant that she usually works up front and that her brother keeps a gun in the business that she does not know how to use, Young’s arrest citation said.

Young also mentions being willing to get money to the informant either that same day or the next day, according to court records.

WCSO detectives asked Young after he was detained if he had ever been in the location where the conversations with the informant are alleged to have taken place, at which point Young said he had never been to that location and did not know anyone from that area. He then requested an attorney, his citation said.

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