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Settlement? UFC and fighters currently in ‘private mediation’ for antitrust lawsuit

Settlement? UFC and fighters currently in ‘private mediation’ for antitrust lawsuit

There’s an interesting development from the ongoing antitrust lawsuit against the UFC.

In the start of February, the defendant (UFC) and plaintiffs (fighters) were ordered to have a settlement conference on March 4, 2024 to discuss any possible agreement ahead of their planned trial that’s set for April. This has since been cancelled after the latest development.

Parties in UFC lawsuit now “engaged in private mediation”

According to the latest filing in the UFC antitrust lawsuit, that settlement conference won’t be necessary as both Zuffa and the fighters’ representatives are currently “engaged in private mediation.”

The latest filing in the Le vs. Zuffa case was from Monday and is as follows:

Latest filing from the UFC antitrust lawsuit.

Will the UFC lawsuit be settled? How much would that settlement be?

The plaintiffs in the Le vs. Zuffa class action lawsuit have been asking for damages of $811 million to $1.6 billion. Should the fighters win in trial, the UFC could be on the hook for billions more, as those damages would be trebled, or tripled, by the court because it is an antitrust case.

It’s unclear just how much would it take to settle the case involving about 1200 fighters, but that amount will certainly come into play as they try to mediate any possible negotiation.

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