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Notes from the ‘fascinating’ talk Jeffrey Schwartz gave today at the IdeaFestival

From Stephanie West Allen’s blog on Neuroscience and conflict resolution .

Jeffrey_schwartz_1( Photo credit: Geoff Oliver Bugbee—click photo for larger image)

As I announced a while back, Jeff Schwartz spoke this morning at the 2007 IdeaFestival™ in Louisville, Kentucky; his talk was called The Mind and the Brain (just as is one of his books). Wayne Hall blogged about Jeff’s presentation and concluded the post with: “This has been a fascinating talk that I’m certain my notes don’t capture adequately.”

You may read the Hall notes on the Schwartz talk here. Some of the highlights (the quotation marks indicate a direct quote of Jeff from the talk) . . .

Cognitive reframing has a big effect on the brain by lowering negative emotion. One can quite easily train people to reframe . . .  .
. . .

Reframing “markedly, radically” changes how the brain responds . . . , and, in fact, college kids can do this after only couple days of training. What happens is that the frontal cortex area is activated and a marked decrease in fear in the brain is observed.
. . .

“The brain puts out the call, the mind decides whether to listen.” The brain will respond in an animal-like way, but the human mind has the capacity to focus a very special kind of attention, one that can change or damp down damaging or fearful responses.
. . .

“The brain doesn’t create consciousness, but perhaps modulates the consciousness that it receives.”

Read the rest of the notes about Jeff’s talk here. Thanks to quick-blogger Hall, you also can read notes on the talks of other fine thinkers at the this year’s IdeaFestival™. They include . . .

For more of the blog posts on the IdeaFestival presentations, go here and read the posts beginning on September 13. All the speakers at 2007 IdeaFestival™.


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