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ODR Forum Montreal 2023: Keynote: Artificial Intelligence and ODR

Speaker: Prof. Laurent Charlin.

In this presentation, I discuss the field of AI with a focus on some of its recent advances.

First, I frame AI as the most recent tool we developped following a long line of technological advancements.

I then present a selection of AI systems and discuss the distinction between narrow and broader or more versatile systems.

These ideas will be exemplified using concrete usecases. Finally, I discuss possible future developments of this technology including its impact, limitations, and ethical considerations.

Prof. Laurent Charlin

[Current] Associate Professor at HEC Montréal (U. Montreal’s business school).

Assistant Professor at HEC Montréal.

Postdoc at McGill University. Advised by Joelle Pineau.

Postdoc at Princeton University and Columbia University. Advised by David Blei.

Ph.D. in the machine learning group at the University of Toronto. Advised by Richard Zemel and Craig Boutilier.

Master’s at the University of Waterloo. Advised by Pascal Poupart.


Colin Rule

Colin Rule is CEO of Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc. ("RIS"), home of,,, and a number of additional leading online dispute resolution initiatives.  From 2017 to 2020, Colin was Vice President for Online Dispute Resolution at Tyler Technologies. Tyler acquired, an ODR provider that Colin co-founded,… MORE

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