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Announcement of CPR’s four new e-commerce focused tools: The CPR Global E-Commerce Commitment, The CPR B2B E-Commerce ADR Commitment, The CPR Model ADR Provision for B2B E-Contracts, and the CPR Model ADR Provision for B2B Platforms and Exchanges

The FTC/Department of Commerce’s Public Comments from their Online ADR Conference, June 2000 “Neutral Third Party: Online Mediation Services Help Resolve Disputes When Auction Deals Go Bad” 4/14/2000
“Resolving a Business Dispute” 4/8/2000

American News Service:
“Online Mediation Offered for Resolving E-Commerce Disputes” 3/23/2000“New Online Mediation Service” 3/11/2000

Inter@active Week: Serving Cyberjustice,4164,2449912,00.html

USA Today

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle Internet Mediators Can Speed Payment of Insurance Claims June 12, 2000

New York Law Journal More on No-Fault July 11, 2000

Internet Week:

National Public Radio:


Cable News Network (CNN) Digital Jam:

Claims Magazine Let’s Make a Deal July, 2000

E-Treasurer Settling Lawsuits Online May/June 2000

LAW.COM – New York Can Disputes Be Resolved in Cyberspace? May 8, 2000

Daily News Online Case Closed April 30, 2000

American Bar Association Point-Click — Settle Quick! April 18, 2000

Technology Decisions Let’s Make a Deal March, 2000

New York Law Journal Gen X Partners Will Change Their Firms January 31, 2000

The Internet Newsletter Net News: Dispute Resolution November 6, 1999

Trial Magazine “Web-footed” lawyers dip, not plunge into the Internet December 1999

CNBC Out with the judge, in with the Net October 11, 1999

New York Post – Business The Alley Cats to watch in 2000 January 3, 2000

Flash Commerce Electronic Dispute Resolution Company February 22, 2000

Business Week NEXT, ONLINE BID OVER JAIL TIME? July 19, 1999

VC Internet Watch NAM Closes on $8,850,000 Equity Financing Package February 23, 2000

E-Commerce Law Weekly resolves civil disputes online… October 20, 1999

Newsday E-BIZ Settling Disputes Without Big Fees October 26, 1999

The Times UK Net service breaks new ground December 14, 1999

Law Technology News ClickNsettle Offers Online Resolutions August 1999 Raises $8.8 Million for Expansion February 18, 2000

Insurance Advocate NAM Corporation Announces New Subsidiary… October 30, 1999

ADR Report The growth of online ADR is the “natural evolution” of e-commerce… July 7, 1999

LAW.COM – Massachusetts No Time Like Online January 27, 2000

Chicago Tribune New York based ClickNsettle launched its site just this month. July 20, 1999

London Evening Standard Online Holding court on-screen October 20, 1999

CBS MarketWatch Buzz about NAM Corps Litigation cyber-style July 22, 1999

Forbes News Wire Forget the gavel and click on the mouse July 2, 1999

PC Magazine Cyber-Settling Insurance Claims April 7, 2000

BUSINESSWEEK E.BIZ: COMPANY CLOSEUP MARCH 14, 2000 Cybersettle: Staking a Claim to the Online Mediation Market

CIO: E-Legal Activities March 15, 2000

Technology Decisions January 2000 Applying Technology to Insurance

Industry Standard Solving the Small Claims Nightmare May 19, 1999

Red Herring December 1, 1999 Catch of the Day

Connecticut Law Tribune Cyber$ettle – An Electronic Messiah Whose Time May Not Yet Have Come, June 7, 1999

Insurance Networking: Internet Dispute Resolution May Take the Sting Out of Simple Claim Settlements, May 1999

Wall Street Journal For Dueling Lawyers, Internet Is Referee, May 12, 1999

Claims Online Settlement System Aims to Replace Posturing, February 1999

The Wall Street Journal Online Referee Plans Database of Claims Resolved on Web Site November 8, 1999

National Post takes the courtroom song and dance out of property claims

San Jose Mercury News Lawyers Guilty of E-Ignorance December 5, 1999

CBS Market Watch Legal settlements in cyberspace

The Legal Intelligencer Settling Small Cases in Cyberspace Internet Negotiations Eliminate Egos and Accusations

New York Law Journal Settling Disputes Online April 19, 1999

USA Weekend Tech Talk Aug. 27 thru 29th, 1999

Canadian Insurance Canadian Insurance November 1999

The Canadian Underwriter – December 1999 Canadian Underwriter December 1999 Online in Canada

The Canadian Underwriter – January 2000 Canadian Underwriter January 2000 “Virtual Settlement” Online

Multimédium – Montréal – 13 Septembre, 2000

Match âprement disputé entre un joueur de hockey et un membre de sa famille

The Times of London – September 12, 2000

Hits on legal websites still increasing

The National Post – Toronto – September 6, 2000

How to avoid “I’ll see you in court”: E-legal activities

The Globe and Mail – Toronto – August 24, 2000

WIPO wipes out domain name rights

Newsbytes – August 18, 2000 (subscription required)

Cybersquatting Gets Personal For Canadian Justice Minister

Libération – 17 août, 2000

Il faut prouver la mauvaise foi manifeste

Libération – 17 août, 2000

1010 litiges en huit mois

Newsbytes – August 15, 2000 (subscription required)

Cybersquatting Rules Delayed – WIPO

The Wall Street Journal – Interactive Edition – August 14, 2000 (subscription required)

The Next Threat To Dot-Coms

TECHWEB – InternetWeek – August 14, 2000

Online services help e-businesses mediate customer complaints

Settling in cyberspace – August 9, 2000

Alternative Dispute Resolution goes virtual

Computer Dealer News – July 28, 2000

eResolution is the affordable problem solver

WIRED NEWS – July 27th, 2000

ICANN’t Believe That Domain Name

Ottawa Citizen – July 10, 2000

Legal firm offers virtual services – High-tech solution to high-tech legal issues

CNET News – July 7, 2000

Groups cite bias in domain name arbitration

The Globe and Mail – Toronto – July 6, 2000

Research firm loses domain fight over porn site’s similar name – Ruling under new dispute resolution system indicates content not key

The Montreal Gazette – Montréal – June 23, 2000

Virtual court in session – Montreal-based eResolution resolves business disputes online

L’ACTUALITÉ – Montréal – Juillet 2000 – Une entreprise montréalaise offre la médiation par Internet.

Lawyers Weekly – June 16, 2000


The Globe and Mail – Toronto – June 15, 2000

Toronto entrepreneur beats Loblaw in domain name battle

The Globe and Mail – Toronto – June 3, 2000

Royal Bank moves to recapture Web addresses

La Presse – Montréal – 2 juin 2000

La Royale gagne en arbitrage

Affaires Plus – Montréal – 01 juin 2000

Querelle de village

Les Affaires – Montréal – 13 mai 2000

eResolution veut devenir une cour des petites créances

La Presse – Montréal – 11 mai 2000

Fido flaire la piste de l’Internet sans fil

Les Echos – 5 mai 2000

DROIT DE L’INTERNET – Noms de domaine : faut-il choisir l’arbitrage en ligne ou la procédure judiciaire ?

The Montreal Gazette – Montreal – May 4, 2000

Get lost, cybersquatter: Netgraphe

The National – The Canadian Bar Association – Toronto – May 2000

E-Justice – Online Arbitration, Web-based mediation and electronic courts in Canada and the U.S. herald a real trend towards using the Internet as the primary vehicle to resolve disputes.

The Economic Times of India – April 22, 2000

Whose name is it anyway? ICAAN’s Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy has proved to be a big success. Lubna Kably walks you through the procedure for settlement of domain name disputes.

Les Echos – 12 avril 2000

PROPRIÉTÉ INDUSTRIELLE – La procédure extrajudiciaire, nouvelle arme contre les dépôts frauduleux de noms de domaine.

The Wall Street Journal – Interactive Edition – March 21, 2000 (subscription required)

Cybercourts Emerge as Way To Resolve Internet Disputes

Law Times – March 13, 2000

Canadian company settles cyber disputes – eResolution is third firm in the world accredited to resolve domain-name problems

La Presse – Montréal – 8 mars 2000

Le cybersquattage

Flash Commerce – March 5, 2000

77 Law Firms Targeted by a Domain Name Squatter

ZDnet Asia – March 3, 2000

eResolution online arbitration system targets cybersquatters

Direction Informatique – Montréal – 03 mars 2000

Arbitrage de conflits d’adresses Web via l’Internet

La Presse – Montréal – 16 février 2000

Alerte aux “cybercriminels”

Le Soleil – Québec – 21 janvier 2000


La Presse – Montréal – 19 janvier 2000

Internet, facteur d’évolution du droit

La Presse – Montréal – 12 janvier 2000

Un premier tribunal électronique à 100 %

BRANCHEZ-VOUS! – 12 janvier 2000

eResolution règle en ligne – Depuis le 1er janvier 2000, il est possible de régler les litiges concernant les noms de domaines directement en ligne, avec eResolution, un projet montréalais.

Multimédiun – Montréal – 4 janvier 2000

Des Montréalais aideront à freiner le cybersquattage mondial


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