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Oregon State Agency Dispute Resolution Programs and Collaborative Problem-Solving Activities

On April 2nd, 2009 the Oregon Department of Justice published a report on state agency dispute resolution programs. The report reviews the impacts, trends and activities of Oregon’s dispute resolution programs and collaborative problem-solving efforts over the last two years, including:

  • Increases in calls to state unemployment insurance centers and legislation offering mediation for residential home foreclosures as examples of conflicts stemming from the current economic downturn.
  • Agencies are increasingly requiring collaborative problem-solving and consensus-building skills in job descriptions for public employees.
  • The wide use of stakeholder advisory committees (Over 100, standing committees.)
  • A variety of metrics used by agencies to measure the effectiveness of dispute resolution programs.
  • The principles and criteria agencies consider when making decisions regarding settling, litigating or mediating disputes.
  • The state has twenty-one formal mediation programs.
  • Tensions between the need for candid dialog and the importance of open government.

The report is available at Additional ADR-related information from the Oregon Department of Justice can also be found at:


Mike Niemeyer

Mike Niemeyer is the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Coordinator for the Oregon Department of Justice where he supports Oregon State agency dispute resolution and collaborative problem-solving activities. He was previously the Executive Director for the Oregon Dispute Resolution Commission. He has also provided ADR-related assistance to other state governments, federal… MORE >

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