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Pieter Sanders, 1912-2012

Arbitration Blog

It is with great sadness that we at Kluwer received the news of Pieter Sanders’ death. As the founder and inaugural editor of the ICCA Publications, Piet has been crucial for Kluwer’s arbitration content. We will remember him as an inspiring person with many passions in life.

To honor him, the general and managing editors of the ICCA publications will post their personal memories of Piet over the coming days. First my contribution, which is based on the letter that I wrote for Piet’s 100th Birthday and published in a volume of letters edited by Judy Freedberg and Rosabel Goodman.

“When I started as publisher of the Kluwer arbitration list, 17 years ago, you had already […]

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Pieter Sanders

Professor Pieter Sanders has played a unique role in the development of the system of international commercial arbitration over a period of more than 65 years since World War II. The key role that he played as a principal drafter of the 1958 United Nations Convention on the Recognition and… MORE >

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