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[PODCAST] ADR can be a “Win-Win” Solution for In-House Counsel

JAMS ADR Blog by Chris Poole

In fall of 2020, Laura Abrahamson, Esq., FCIArb, transitioned from her role as in-house counsel at a large company, where she led a corporate litigation group, to being an arbitrator and mediator with JAMS. Laura uses her perspective as a former corporate attorney to inform her approach to alternative dispute resolution, helping her clients reach efficient, pragmatic, and cost-effective solutions.

In this Corporate Counsel Business Journal Perspectives podcast, Laura speaks with host, Kristin Calve, about what drew her to JAMS, how she draws on her in-house experience as a JAMS neutral, and how in-house counsel can benefit from ADR solutions. Encouraging in-house counsel to be thoughtful when drafting contracts and including ADR clauses, Laura highlights how a well-crafted clause can be essential for an organization in achieving fair, resource-efficient outcomes, especially as courts continue to face backlogs.

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Laura Abrahamson

Laura C. Abrahamson, Esq., joins JAMS with robust ADR experience, following her illustrious legal career in private practice and in-house senior leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies. She brings a unique, well-rounded and pragmatic perspective to her ADR practice, as well as deep national and international experience in the engineering, construction,… MORE >

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