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[Podcast] Where Does the Insurance Industry Sit Now on Racial Issues?

In a recent episode of Insurance Business Talk, JAMS neutral Rebekah Ratliff speaks with host Paul Lucas on her experience as a Black woman in the insurance industry and where the industry is now in terms of issues relating to gender and race. She also talks about her decision to move from being a claims adjuster to a mediator, the important role of career mentors and sponsors, and why it is important to get comfortable with stepping out of your comfort zone.  

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Rebekah Ratliff

Rebekah Ratliff is a credentialed commercial complex insurance claims professional with more than 25 years of experience in evaluating, negotiating and settling complex casualty claims loss matters, nationwide and internationally with settlements totaling in the millions. Having evaluated thousands of cases, Rebekah is masterful in navigating the negotiation process and understands… MORE >

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