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Poll Shows Importance of Outreach Discussions with Muslim Nations

In a poll released by ( ) on December 21, 2001, the public seems to recognize that the U.S. long term best interests are served by outreach discussions with Muslim nations.

The poll asks the following question:

“How important are outreach discussions with Muslim nations compared to military action for our long term benefit?” The results from the first 420 responses are:
294 (70%) as More Important
86 (20%) as Important
40 (10%) Less Important.

The poll has been posted since October 1 and continues to be active at .

In commenting on the poll, CEO Jim Melamed says, “approximately 85% of the’s visitors are members of the public and about 15% are conflict resolution professionals. What this poll seems to indicate is recognition that ongoing military action is not the long-term solution in relating to Muslim nations.

Melamed commented that, “Just as we cannot permit terrorism, neither can we allow a good part of the world’s opinion of America to go unchanged.”

Melamed finished saying, “This is the kind of poll that may assist to convince our global neighbors of the good intentions of America.”

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