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Say it Ain’t So, Marge and Homer!

It was leaked this morning that Marge and Homer Simpson are soon planning to separate.  I guess the divorce rate in Springfield is comparable to the rest of the United States, and with Homer’s continued antics, how can you blame Marge?  I am certain that upcoming episodes will find Moe, the sullen bartender, trying to counsel Marge and Homer to keep the family together for the children, but I am equally sure that Marge’s sisters, Patty and Selma, will do their best to continue to drive Marge and Homer apart.  Rumor has it that Homer falls for his pharmacist.

In any event, for Bart, Lisa and Maggie’s sake I hope they find a mediator in Springfield, otherwise there is a good chance that the Simpson children’s college education fund, and Homer’s 401K from the Nuclear Power Plant will be devastated leading up to the battle in the Springfield Circuit Court.

If you have any connections with Simpson’s creator Matt Groening, or the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation please have them write a mediator into the script before it is too late.


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