Find Mediators Near You: Special Podcast: Interview with Co-Founder John Helie

In celebration of the publication of’s 1,000th newsletter, CEO Colin Rule sits down with co-founder John Helie to talk about the early days of the (and ConflictNet), the This Week in Mediation newsletter, top authors and editors, and how artificial intelligence and social networking have changed and will change the ADR field over the coming decades (discussion interrupted only briefly by a marauding pack of nearby goats).

Here is a picture of John and Colin in front of John’s home in Arcata, California (August 2023).

Here is a picture of Founders John Helie and Jim Melamed from 1996:


John Helie

As a co-founder of (1996), John Helie extended his commitment to dispute resolution and the Internet. John earlier founded ConflictNet in 1988 as a communication forum and information sharing network for the Conflict Resolution Practitioners community. A trained mediator and facilitator, John pioneered work with online conflict and communication from the… MORE >


Colin Rule

Colin Rule is CEO of Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc. ("RIS"), home of,,, and a number of additional leading online dispute resolution initiatives.  From 2017 to 2020, Colin was Vice President for Online Dispute Resolution at Tyler Technologies. Tyler acquired, an ODR provider that Colin co-founded,… MORE >

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