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Take this Idea, Pls: Wrap up the ‘Sandwich Generation’

34 million people in this country are getting squeezed- and we can help.

Called the ‘sandwich generation’, these folks wrestle with the huge task of caring for both their children and their aging parents while working full-time, according to a recent MSNBC article.

This is a growing trend, folks, that bears watching. The US Census predicts that the elderly population will double to 70 million by 2030. I can imagine a plethora of opportunities to assist families to make decisions, explore options and meaningfully resolve disputes about care, contribution and assets. According to Andy Cohen, founder of, a new website that caters to sandwich caregivers, the market potentially represents up to 100 million dollars annually.

To learn more about the interests and needs of this emerging niche, I recommend …say it with me now: research.

Visit portal blog sites like or to find blogs in this arena. A good google search for websites on aging and ‘baby boomers’ couldn’t hurt. And, don’t forget to find a forum or three to join so you can get an insiders view.

Then start reading! I’m sure you’ll find unique ways that you can serve this client base and distinguish mediation from the other resources available.

As always if anyone takes up this idea I’d love to get a note!




Dina Beach Lynch

Dina Beach Lynch is a Workplace Mediator and Conflict Coach who supports professional practice groups. MORE >

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