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The Universal Apology

ADR Prof Blog by Andrea Schneider, Michael Moffitt, Sarah Cole,Art Hinshaw, Jill Gross and Cynthia Alkon.

One of the recurring questions in cross cultural negotiation  is whether there are certain approaches that transcend cultures and can be used  universally.  The research on  reciprocity, for example, indicates that it is universally understood and  used.  Apology is another one.  The rituals surrounding apology may differ,  but it seems we all understand its importance and value.

There is a very touching example of this universal understanding of the value of apology coming from Libya.  On Tuesday, the United States Ambassador to Libya,  Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans were killed when the U.S.  Embassy was attacked. 

For more photos from a demonstration of Libyans reacting to the attack in Libya see: here


Cynthia Alkon

Cynthia Alkon joined the faculty at Texas Wesleyan University School of Law in 2010. She was an assistant professor of law at the Appalachian School of Law from 2006-2010. Prior to joining academia, Professor Alkon was a criminal defense lawyer and worked in rule of law development in Eastern Europe and Central… MORE >

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