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The Week In Assholes

A new regular weekly feature here and at The Negotiation Law Blog is The Week in Assholes.

Gawker Calls Scalia an ‘A-Hole’ as He Questions Women’s Rights Under the 14th Amendment at Legal Blog Watch. I grew up in Impeach Earl Warren territory – San Diego in the late 50′s and early 60s, then primarily a Navy and defense industry town – read: None Dare Call it Treason-Duck ‘n Cover-Fallout Shelter-Flouridated Drinking Water as Communist Plot-John Birch Society pre-Tea-Partyville. So I’m happy to begin an Impeach Scalia Campaign based on his recent statement that he “doesn’t have to read the briefs” to pen Supreme Court opinions on the most controversial issues before the Supreme Court today. Just sayin’. See Boehner’s House, Scalia’s Pizza at the New Yorker, hereby cutting my demographic in half.

Reuters reports that thanks to the ever-vigilant ACLU, it’s no longer a crime in Pennsylvania to shout the word “asshole” at passing motorists or even to the police officer who’s hassling you. Also see Swear Freely In Pennsylvania: It’s Your #$%^&*^ Constitutional Right at NPR.

Nice guy James Van Der Beek styles himself as an “Asshole for Hire” at Funny or Die.

ESPN Reporter Ron Franklin was fired for calling reporter Jeannine Edwards an “asshole” but only after she asked him politely not to call her “sweet baby.” I think this had more to do with gender politics than profanity.

In book news,

  • there are only three days left in the Good Reads A is for Asshole, the Grownups’ ABCs of Conflict Resolution giveaway here.
  • we’ve been added to Don Philbin’s fabulous ADR Tool Box here.
  • The New York Real Estate Lawyers’ Blog posted a blurry version of our home-made flyer for the SDNY Federal Bar Association Book Launch Party (and gave the un-blurry details below)

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