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Top 10 New Year’s Mediation Resolutions

Cinergy Coaching by Cinnie Noble

Instead of a series of 10 questions, this week’s blog is a series of my Conflict Resolutions for 2014.

This year, I will acknowledge how conflict presents an opportunity to enrich relationships.

This year, I will make amends with people and not let our differences of opinion fester.

This year, I will apologize and mean it.

This year, I will stop blaming others.

This year, I will take responsibility for how I contributed to disputes.

This year, I will forgive and let bygones be bygones.

This year, I will not be hard on others, or on myself.

This year, I will not judge people.

This year, I will value the importance of respecting other people’s opinions, even if I don’t agree with them.

This year, I will listen.

Please feel free to add your own.

Wishing you a joyful, peaceful, and loving 2014!


Cinnie Noble

Cinnie Noble is a certified coach (PCC) and mediator and a former lawyer specializing in conflict management coaching. She is the author of two coaching books: Conflict Management Coaching: The CINERGY™ Model and Conflict Mastery: Questions to Guide You. MORE >

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