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Top Ten Articles Printed or Emailed tracks the number of times “Print this Article” and/or “Email This Article” options are used. We have been monitoring the success of these tools and have been quite impressed with the numbers and the implications. Since we began the program 151,847 articles have been printed and 19,557 articles have been emailed through this system. Our numbers are probably low, since some will use the print option of their browser or simply email a link. This also misses the impact of the many trainers who print and copy for each member of thier classes.

It is one thing to visit an article, read a few lines and move on, it is quite another to decide that the article is relevant and interesting enough to print. We are not just in the online information distribution business, we are also distributing a significant stream of hardcopy information. We encourage that these articles be copied and distributed to students and clients.

The “Email An Article” feature presents, perhaps, a different value statement. Here a visitor decides an article is interesting and knows someone who would benefit from the information. Off the article goes by email, perhaps to multiple addresses. This creates a highly targeted distribution of information.

Consider who the recipient of an email directing them to “Parenting After Marriages End” or “Psychological and Emotional Aspects of Divorce” might be.

Below is a list of the top articles printed and emailed.

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