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Utilizing Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) for Co-parenting Issues in Families with a History of Domestic Violence

Violence against women by a partner or ex-partner is widespread in the world, occurring in all social groups regardless of their economic or cultural level or any other consideration. It still remains difficult to quantify, due to the fact that not all the cases transcend beyond the scope of the couple. Although it is thought that family violence is a matter concerning the family, it is an eminently social issue and from this perspective we must understand and try to resolve it.

The use of force has been traditionally accepted as corrective and this problem does not happen in isolation, but in the context of a society that approves and reinforces the sexist conceptions.
Situations of violence against women, while deprecated from social discourse, are not only socially tolerated but also hidden. It is precisely culture which defines the profile of the beating man and the beaten woman, as well as their own personal history.

While conflict is inevitable and inherent to the family, violence is an inadequate manifestation of tensions and conflicts that goes beyond the capacity of response of individuals, due to serious situations of psycho-emotional, socio-cultural or economic limitations. In this sense, violence is the extreme manifestation of the constraints to which families are subjected. Can family conflict be avoided? Which factors are involved? What do conflict operators have to take into account to deal with these cases? How can ODRs help? These are some of the questions to be analyzed in this video.


Maria Eugenia Sole

Maria Eugenia Sole is an attorney mediator. She has a Holborn College Diploma in Law of Tort and Law of Contract. University degree in conflict resolution and mediation. Pre-trial mediator with registration granted by the Provincial Direction of Alternative Means of Conflict Resolution of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.… MORE >

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