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Virtual Interpersonal Community Mediation: NAFCM Think Tank Report

Virtual Interpersonal Community Mediation
Think Tank Report

hosted by the
National Association for Community Mediation

Submitted by D.G. Mawn, Chair of’s Online Mediation Task Force Community Mediation Committee.

Members: Arron Addison, Kabrina Bass, Brandon Brown, Sara Campos, Corinne “Cookie” Levitz, Charles A. Lieske, Norma López, Jeanne Felicity Zimmer.

Additional Report Facilitators: Felicia Washington, Lori Dieckman and Phillip Hong

How can we best assist and support community mediation centers and other non-profit mediation organizations to embrace and offer online mediation services and to utilize and benefit from basic and ongoing online mediation training that will help the underserved?

In November 2020, approached D.G. Mawn of the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM) to facilitate a national think tank regarding possible support may wish to consider which would strengthen and broaden the impact of community mediation through on-line access. The exact charge was: Develop best-practice recommendations for regarding their online services so they best support the field of community mediation to embrace and offer online mediation services and utilize and benefit from basic and ongoing online mediation training.

NAFCM established three workgroups, which met multiple times between January 2021 and April 2021 to develop recommendations for to consider that may strengthen the discipline of community mediation. Those who worked on parts of this report included: Aaron Addison, Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center (Virginia); Kabrina Bass, Midlands Mediation (South Carolina); Brandon Brown, George Mason University’s Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution (Maine); Sara Campos, Loyola Marymount Law School’s Center for Conflict Resolution (California); Lori Dieckman, National Association for Community Mediation (Colorado); Philip Hong, Pepperdine School of Law (California); Corinne “Cookie” Levitz, Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago (Illinois); Charles A. Lieske, Mediation West (Nebraska), Norma López, Orange County Human Relations (California); Felicia Washington, National Association for Community Mediation (Virginia); and, Jeanne Felicity Zimmer, National Association for Community Mediation (Minnesota).


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