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What Do Mediators Do?

If mediation were limited to only commercial transaction, these would be the functions of a mediator.

What do mediators do?

In figuring out what “mediators” means, one can stumble upon two interpretations. Firstly, it is the kind of person who stands between the one who produces the product and the one who consumes it. Secondly, this is a person who stands between different business entities, and there can be no consumer in these relations at all. In any case, an intermediary is a person who specializes in how to sell a product, how to find an approach to a client, how to deliver a product, evaluate the market, and so on, but does not go into the details of production. It is profitable to work with an intermediary because it is a person who works for a percentage of the sale and is interested in selling more.

The primary responsibilities of mediators include advertising, informing customers about the benefits of the product, establishing contact with customers, creating the necessary conditions for the purchase, research of demand, and so on. Depending on the functions performed, there are several types of mediation.

What types of mediation exist?

Depending on the field of activity, there are different types of mediation: 

·       In trade: a mediator, buying goods wholesale, sells them at a lower price, making money on taking advantage of the difference. Another option for such trade cooperation is a commission for sales;

·       In financial operations: assess the risks of investing in the project;

·       In marketing: they study the market, help the product to reach its target audience, help with logistics and storage of the goods, become lenders and insurers;

·       In the service sector: they are engaged in franchising – that is, they receive the exclusive right to provide services under a protected trademark, label, and technology;

·       Internet mediators: ensure the movement of goods from the seller or manufacturer to the buyer, using the Internet. Such persons help to choose the right product, monitor the delivery, and help to return the goods. Appeal to them when the manufacturer cannot send the goods to the country of the buyer, or when the mediator can deliver faster than the manufacturer.

However, if mediation is so useful, what does with no middlemen involved mean? Participation in the transaction of mediators implies that the product will rise in price by a certain percentage, which will be the benefit of the mediator. Therefore, buyers and consumers sometimes seek to avoid mediation. Far from any situation makes it to where it is possible.


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