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What Part Of “Tune Into This Blog To Get The Latest Good Stuff On The Web” Do You Not Understand?

Aggressive post title to be sure, to be sure – it’s just that I get asked all the time – why do I blog? – when it’s obvious; there is just so much darn good mediation material on the web needing someone to disseminate it to those who would not otherwise find it.

Take these two absolute gems;

The first is for counsel representing parties at mediation – a 26 page report just out last week in the UK on what makes the best advocates at mediation.

Effective Mediation Advocacy is yours courtesy of UK law firm Hammonds having combined with the UK Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates to produce a very practical document.

The report “draws on the thoughts and observations of a dozen leading mediators as to what differentiates advocates who get the best outcomes for their clients and those who don’t” – and there is no doubt in my mind that the approach of legal counsel in mediation is hugely influential on the outcome.

Hat Tip to UK’s wonderful The Mediator Magazine

The second is a similar theme of preparation, but for those negotiating their own deal.

My friend and one of Lone Star State’s finest, Don Philbin has his masterpiece The One Minute Manager Prepares for Mediation: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Negotiation Preparation finally online for all to read. The article was published in vol 13 of The Harvard Negotiation Law Review earlier this year and is a serious piece of work.


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