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The Australasian section of has been developed as a reliable reference source for Australasian mediation practitioners. Shirli Kirschner has accepted the honorary position of editor of this new section. The site contains useful materials written by Australasian practitioners that can easily be accessed by colleagues, both locally and overseas. This is a new not-for-profit initiative to raise the profile of Australasian mediators internationally and explore the potential of on-line services as a tool to disseminate useful information.

This section will allow the international mediation community to keep abreast of regional and more particularly, Australasian developments, projects and practitioners. New articles will be posted on a regular basis, with editorials and project reviews being updated quarterly. If there is sufficient interest then additional site functionality will be considered including a diary of local events, mediator profiles and website hosting.

Please direct new submissions to [email protected] .


Shirli Kirschner

Shirli Kirschner has been a qualified mediator for 12 years and is the principal of Resolve Advisors Pty Ltd, which she established in August 1996. Resolve provides mediation, facilitation and ADR and system design services to a wide client base. Shirli is on a number of mediator panels including the LEADR… MORE >

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