You Thought Your Marriage Was Miserable- Wait Till You Get To Court…

Texas Conflict Coach Audio Blog by Pattie Porter

The breakup of a marriage almost always involves some level of conflict between spouses, but the process of litigation during divorce ratchets that conflict up to a level of devastation for all members of the immediate and even extended family.

Instead of getting away from the turmoil by divorcing, the adversarial nature of a legal “fight” can actually create permanent emotional and financial damage. If the goal of divorce is to stop the daily conflict, then the process should reduce that conflict while helping establish better relationships for the children and their parents. We will discuss how parents can create an emotionally supportive divorce that promotes a healthy relationship between themselves and a loving future for their children.

Marilyn Miller, a psychotherapist, Steve Schechter, a lawyer and mediator, and Melynda Gulley, a mediator, have more than fifty years of experience between them in helping families. They recognized a critical need to help families survive the trauma of divorce and founded Mediators & Counselors, Inc. to provide a divorce that allows parents to maintain control of the outcome which promotes positive, loving relationships for their children.

Marilyn Miller has a psychotherapy practice in San Antonio successfully helping people through the most distressful problems in their lives, treating anxiety, depression, and trauma. As the former director of the Center for Infant Loss and an advisor and counselor to victims and rescuers of natural disasters, Marilyn has an intimate understanding of the psychological needs of children and families. Marilyn received a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development from the University of Texas and a Master of Science degree in Psychology. She also obtained training in dispute resolution and advanced family mediation.

Melynda Gulley has a Bachelor of Art degree from Texas Christian University.  Since her original training 12 years ago at the Travis County Dispute Resolution Center, Melynda has completed well over 100 hours of supplementary training in the areas affecting her specialty.  She has performed over 250 mediations and facilitations of all types and is credentialed as a Distinguished Advanced Mediator in the State of Texas and serves on the board of directors of the Texas Association of Mediators.

Stephen J. Schechter focuses his family and civil mediation and legal practice in Boerne.  He received a B.A in Business Administration and Political Science from Trinity University and his J.D from the University of Houston Law Center. Stephen is a member of the board of directors of the State Bar of Texas, and is licensed to practice in all courts for the State of Texas, the  Federal Western and Southern Districts of Texas, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and the US Supreme Court. He is an advanced credentialed mediator through the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association and has also received certification (TDFPS-CPS) allowing him to mediate high conflict cases with Child Protective Services.

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Patricia Porter

Patricia "Pattie" Porter, LCSW, ACC, is the Founder and President of Conflict Connections, Inc. in San Antonio, TX. She provides workplace conflict resolution services including conflict management and abrasive behavior coaching, EEO and workplace mediation, change management and team facilitation, and training throughout the U.S. She is the Founder of… MORE >

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